I just returned my class on Marketing Technology and we had a thorough discussion on SEO. So, at this point I’m pretty much an expert at SEO. First fact SURPRISE! There are no SEO experts. (That shouldn’t have been a surprise if you read the title.) Which brings us to:

1. There are no SEO experts.

Search is never ending. It happens, the world keeps spinning, and no one becomes an expert. Spiders and crawlers lurk through the internet finding anything they deem important and boosting it.  Anyone who claims to get you to that number one spot, or makes a guarantee that they can improve your brand in X amount of time is probably playing you for a sucker. This is because SEO can be based inbound links, retweets / likes, age of the URL, and dozens of other factors that cannot be easily accounted for or outsmarted.

2. You are not Smarter than Google

Search engines have been conned many times before. Keyword stuffing, hidden text, bogus redirects, these are all passe in the eyes of search giants like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These are companies with years of experience and deep pockets to stop you from gaming their searches and potentially manipulating users. Also, Google has a panda that will beat you up if try and pull a fast one on them. I’m not joking.

3.  SEO is constantly evolving.

Like life itself, and our virtual selves and brands, SEO is constantly evolving. This means there that SEO doesn’t stop. Let’s say you didn’t heed the advice in the first fact, and you hired an SEO, and they managed to get you the top result in search. How long will that last? A week? A day? A couple hours? Minutes? What if you redesign your site? That might count as a new page for the spiders to check out, but you may have lost valuable phrases, keywords, or tags that were initially boosting your brands image. Never stop optimizing.


Those are my three facts about SEO. I’m sorry it took me a week to blog again and I’m going to try and work her into this more. Ideally, I was going to combine the two on as many posts as possible, but I’m still feeling this out. Hopefully, you already knew these facts and weren’t surprised by them, but if not

Thoughts on the fish:

She is now colorful. At least her tail is.  I’m going out of town for a few days, so I’ll have to buy one of those slow release feeders. Any recommendations for a good long term feeder?